Your Valentine’s Day Text Messages May Have Just Been Delivered Thanks To A Mass Cellular Error

An Unknown Error Caused Many To Claim They Received A Text Message Months Late On Thursday

November 8, 2019


Sometimes text messages take longer to be delivered than expected, but when a text takes months to be delivered, cellular providers have some major explaining to do. That’s exactly what happened on Thursday when social media was full of people claiming to have received text messages intended for Valentine’s Day. While many found the error comical, for others Thursday was full of awkwardness.

There is still no acknowledgement or an explanation from the major wireless carriers as to what caused many to receive text messages months after they were sent. Many on social media are claiming texts originally sent on (or around) Valentine’s Day, were delivered last night, with some saying they got texts up to two years old. Many say they never received their valentine text, but others say the texts they received were duplicates.

It appears the error was caused by maintenance performed on the Cross-Carrier Messaging System. Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have been “working to develop and deploy a standards-based, interoperable messaging service starting with Android and expected in 2020.” This is most likely the cause of the error, but hopefully it doesn’t cause anymore Valentine’s Day breakups in the future.

Via Forbes