Iceland Almost Runs Out Of Beer After "Overwhelming Force" Of Visiting US Troops Drink It All

October 29, 2018
Soldier, Drinking, Beer, Mug

Iceland’s capital of Reykjavík has almost completely run out of beer.  The problem?  America is in the house.

Over 6,000 US soldiers are stationed in Iceland and made a pit stop in Reykjavík while on their way towards Sweden and Finland.  While visiting the city’s local bars and restaurants, the troops nearly drank the town completely dry.  When they ran out of supplies, bars and restaurants reached out to other establishments to see if they could spare some of their inventory, but it just wasn't enough. Our men and women overseas were just too powerful.

Bar owners did their best to try and accommodate the soldiers heading straight to their establishments after walking off the ships that brought them there, but according to local blogger, Eiríkur Jónsson, "they were fighting an overwhelming force."

Via Military Times