Members Of US Army Band Pay Tribute To Neil Peart With Cover Of Rush’s ‘Time Stand Still’

SFC Tim Whalen, A Member Of ‘Pershing’s Own,’ Wanted To Pay Tribute To Peart After His Passing

February 17, 2020

Al Drago / Stringer

When Rush’s Neil Peart passed away last month the tributes quickly became pouring in. Now, another moving homage has gone viral and this one might be the best one yet. Members of The United States Army band, Pershing’s Own, got together to pay tribute to Peart with a cover of Rush’s ‘Time Stand Still.’

Led by SFC Tim Whalen, a lifelong Rush fan, the band rearranged the song for a small ensemble with strings. Whalen and SFC Chris Rettig alternate lead vocals throughout the song. The rest of the band in comprised of piano player MSG Dan Roberts, SFC Zack Pride on upright bass, SFC Matthew Evans and Patrick Lin on violin, viola player MSG Holly Watters and SSG Aaron Ludwig playing cello.

“I wanted to showcase the deep humanity he had in his writing. The song is about life moving too fast, due to both things we can control and things we can’t, and the desire to hold onto something just a little longer,” said Whalen of the tribute. Many fans were moved by this tribute, as the video has since gone viral with over 150,000 views. This was an homage a musician like Neil Peart could definitely respect.

Via Ultimate Classic Rock