Upside Down Christmas Trees Are Officially A Thing, And The Internet Loves It

Many On Social Media Are Already Posting Photos Of Their Upside Down Tree

November 11, 2019


For many people, waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas decorations is a holiday tradition, but for some the holiday spirit came a little early this year. Social media is already full of people sharing their early Christmas decorations, and one trend for the year is starting to appear. Apparently this Christmas, plenty of people will be flipping things around with an upside down Christmas tree.

And... it starts. -- The only way I found we can truly enjoy the Christmas season, is to get all of the decorating done before Thanksgiving. We do some major decorating in our house! #decoratingthetree #deckthehalls #upsidedownchristmastree #tistheseason

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Everyone wants their Christmas decorations to look original, and while the Christmas tree is a holiday tradition, that doesn’t mean they all have to look the same. That’s why many people have begun to go with an upside down Christmas tree, to change things up with some originality. This trend started a few years back, but has already started to pick up major steam for Christmas 2019.

Pet Friendly #ChristmasTree #upsidedown #upsidedownchristmastree

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Our new upside down tree.# lovingit #upsidedownchristmastree #welikedifferent #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas

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Yes I know I’m one of those ppl but I already know Nov and Dec are going to be off the hook busy so I had to do it last wk. #upsidedownchristmastree

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Many retailers are starting to jump on the upside down Christmas tree bandwagon, as these unique trees are being sold from $25 to hundreds of dollars, depending on quality. While some may question how presents will fit under the tree tip, others point out the many reasons, other than originality, that people are turning to these trees. Some say they are more “pet-friendly,” while others say they are perfect for tight living quarters. Whatever the reason, this odd look is ready to take over Christmas this year.

Via Fox News