Mothers Are Starting To Wear Necklaces Made From Their Childs' Umbilical Cords

November 7, 2018
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The fashion world is ever-changing it seems.  

New trends seem to pop up at a moment’s notice, and we’re often left behind trying to grasp why something is currently popular.  Take for instance, jewelry designer Ruth Avra.

Avra has been making a killing lately fashioning jewelry for mothers made from the umbilical cord stumps of their recently born children.  She was inspired to create the line after she gave birth to her son in 2012. She told the Post, “I put both stumps next to each other on the table.  Lightning bolts struck and I had a plan.”

This beauty is on its way home!! I love how the stump came out two toned and it just fits that heart shape so well -- . . #umbilicalcord #customjewelry #handmadejewelry #keepsake #keepsakejewelry #heirloomjewelry #attachmentparenting #momlife #momsofinstagram #childhood

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This amazing necklace was one of the early keepsakes pieces I created. It’s an actual umbilical cord that was dried in a coil and made into this necklace. Fast forward many years later it’s back in my studio along with two more cords from two more babies that joined her family and this single pendant is going to be serious statement necklace with all there cords in one piece!!! Stay tuned! . . #keepsakejewelry #umbilicalcord #childbirth #motherhood #parenthood #motherhoodrising #dna #motherlylove

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Now they are incredibly unique pieces, as no two umbilical cords are alike.  And if you didn't know that was an umbilical cord, they would be kind of pretty. But could you get past the fact that was sticking out of your baby’s stomach for three weeks after they were born?

Avra says the necklaces “represent the connection between mother and child because it’s literally the physical connection that is between you,” and the stumps are a beautiful way to commemorate that bond.

The umbilical cord necklaces are available through Avra’s website!

Via NY Post