Uber's New Technology Could Identify If You Are Drunk, And Refuse To Pick You Up

June 15, 2018
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Uber has provided a great service for those that want to go out and enjoy the night and responsibly find a way back home.  However, that all could change with a recent patent filing made by the ride sharing company.

The artificial intelligence described in the patent is capable of "guessing" a user's state based on their data input accuracy, data input speed, interface interaction behavior, the angle the phone is being held, or even the speed at which they are walking and determine if the passenger is more likely to "behave uncharacteristically" during the ride.  The new AI would allow the driver to "automatically modify" the journey if they do not deem the passenger fit to ride in their car.  

The patent does not mention inebriation specifically, but essentially, this new technology will let the Uber diver know how hammered you are, and if you're at risk for erratic behavior (puking, being loud, aggressive, etc), and they could potentially refuse to pick you up.  Uber wrote in the patent, "A travel coordination system identifies uncharacteristic user activity and may take an action to reduce undesired consequences of uncharacteristic user states.  The system uses a computer model to identify user and trip characteristics indicative of the unusual user state."

Wait...isn't that like 95% the point of Uber?  To NOT drink and drive?

Not only will the new technology try to determine if you're loaded, other drivers, called "Providers," can file data reports commenting on the state of passengers, which can help a computer predict the state of passengers given their previous history, where they're located, and the time of day.

We feel like this will cause more problems than it solves.

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