Uber Launches 911 Button That Sends Real-Time Location To Police

May 30, 2018
Uber, App, Ride Share, Phone

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Uber has proven to be a safe way to get around the city, but there's always something wary about getting into the car of a complete stranger for a ride.

Noting that some users may have some safety concerns, yesterday Uber launched a brand new feature on their apps, 911 button that allows riders to call police dispatch and sends their real-time location to the police as well.  

Tim Delong rides Uber every day for work, and though he's never had any safety concerns, is glad Uber is implementing this feature.  "There should always be an easy out or a safety button for anybody riding with a stranger."  Even Uber drivers are excited.  One driver said, "It makes the riders comfortable and then it makes me as a driver also comfortable knowing that if anything happens, it's just a button away to get help."

Uber confirmed the 911 button will be available to every rider's phone in the United States beginning in July, and will be fully operational.