Tyler Perry Pays More Than $430,000 In Layaway Fees For Christmas Shoppers

December 7, 2018
Tyler Perry, Tuxedo, Red Carpet, Times 100 Most Influential Gala, 2008

(Photo by Brian Zak/Sipa Press /time_bz.48/0805090658)

Shoppers at two Atlanta-area Wal Marts were gifted the ultimate Christmas present this holiday season from local entertainment mogul, Tyler Perry.

He tried to keep it a secret, but eventually word spread that Perry spent more than $430,000 paying layaway fees for shoppers in Douglasville and Evans Point.  He explained in a video posted to Twitter, "I know it’s hard times, everyone’s struggling and I'm just really, really grateful to be able to be in a position to do this." He also intended for his gracious gift to stay anonymous, but "You know nothing stays secret these days."

A manager at the Douglasville location confirmed the store usually has around 1,000 layaway accounts during the Holiday season.  

And there is a catch to this gift, however.  Customers must pay an addition feel of $0.01 in order to pick up their items!

Via HuffPost