TSA Stopped Woman Attempting To Bring 20 Bags Of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos On Plane

Emily Mei Shared A Video Of The Experience Before Her Trip To Korea

October 9, 2019


Cheetos may be advertised as “dangerously cheesy,” but that doesn’t mean they are actually dangerous. Still, that didn’t stop TSA from stopping a woman who was attempting to bring 20 bags of the snack chip on her flight to Korea. Emily Mei shared a video of her experience, and it quickly went viral, with many sharing their own TSA food stop experiences.

In the video, TSA agents can be seen going through Mei’s Louis Vuitton carry-on, as more and more bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos come pouring out of her bag. The TSA agent is shown wiping down each bag of Cheetos, before placing them on a table, where seven bags already sit. In a follow up tweet, Mei wrote “For everyone who’s asking why I had so many bags of Hot Cheetos, apparently it’s hard to get in Korea so my friends always ask me to bring it for them.”

While many were shocked the woman was stopped for bringing snacks on the flight with her, many on social media shared their own experiences with being stopped by TSA for food. One twitter user claimed to have been stopped for TSA to check each of her ten sandwiches, while another posted a picture of a bag full of Cheez-It boxes. The lesson here is, maybe next time only bring one or two bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Via Fox News