Suspected Firearm Spotted By TSA Agents Ends Up Being Gun-Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

The Gun-Shaped Toilet Paper Holder Was Discovered During Inspection Process

November 1, 2019


Vacations are great for buying novelty items, but if that purchase happens to be in the shape of a gun, it’s probably not best to try and sneak it passed airport security. TSA agents at Newark Liberty Airport flagged a bag when they thought the spotted a gun. However, the item was actually used for spinning toilet paper, not bullets.

When TSA agents at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty Airport spotted what they believed to be a firearm in a bag going through the x-ray machine, they immediately flagged it to be checked. However, upon further review, they realized the item was actually a toilet paper holder that was shaped like a gun. The replica gun, though realistic turned out to be more decorative than deadly.

While the item wasn’t a firearm, travelers are not allowedto bring real or replica guns on the plane. TSA agents have the man the option to surrender it, put it in his checked bag or pass it off to a companion. He decided to surrender it, which was clearly the wrong choice with as incredible of an item a replica gold gun toilet paper holder is.

Via USA Today