John Travolta Points Out A Mistake In Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

The Actor Claimed A Mistake Was Made Involving An Airplane Used In The Film

December 10, 2019

Press Association

If John Travolta wants to be in another Quentin Tarantino movie, he probably shouldn’t be publicly calling out mistakes from the director’s latest film. Yet that’s exactly what the actor did recently during a Q&A session for his film, ‘The Fanatic.’ According to Travolta, the mistake comes from one of his area of expertise; airplanes.

John Travolta has built quite the resume during his career, but the actor knows a thing or two about airplanes as well. According to Travolta, in ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ a plane is used that wouldn’t have existed at the time of the period piece. “Leonardo [DiCaprio> is going home from Italy or wherever he was, and the narrator says that he took a 747. Well, the 747 had its test flight in February 1969, but it went into service in January 1970. They’re nine months off! He would have been on a Boeing 707!” Said Travolta.

While Tarantino probably isn’t happy Travolta pointed this out, the director can simply claim to be tweaking history a bit for art as the plot of ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ does. The history fiction film about the Manson murders did just fine even with this mistake, and is expecting to be nominated for a number of awards. Still, Travolta wants to make sure this airplane fact doesn’t go unchecked.

Via IndieWire