Travelers Shocked To See Man Wearing Full Suit Of Armor At Airport

According To Witnesses, He Sat There “As If Trying To Blend In”

October 31, 2019


Most people want to dress as comfortable as possible when traveling by plane. While it use to be going on a plane was like a well-dressed event, now travelers want to be as relaxed as possible. One man however didn’t quite get the memo, after he was spotted sitting in a terminal at an Atlanta airport, dressed in full suit of armor.

Travelers were shocked when they saw a man dressed in full metal armor trying to blend in at the Atlanta International Airport. The outfit included chainmail, medallions and even a helmet. While many were confused about what the man was doing, most just wondered how the man got through security.

Travelers can witness some pretty strange things at airports, but this has to be near the top of the list. It is unknown if the man’s attire was Halloween related, or just preference. The only thing that is known is the person that set next to him on the plane definitely did not enjoy the flight.

Via Fox News