[Video] Tom Hanks Proves The Internet Isn’t All Negativity By Reading Kind Tweets

The Now Viral Video Of The Actor Has Been Viewed Over 8 Million Times

November 30, 2019

Press Association

The internet is full of negativity, so when some positivity is produced, it’s always a nice change of pace. Of course, leave it to Tom Hanks to be the person that provides the positivity. The actor has gone viral for a new video reading kind tweets that have been written about him.

Playing off of the popular segment from ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ where celebrities read mean tweets written about them, Hanks’ video does the opposite, reading kind tweets. Tom Hanks has proven that social media is not all negativity, as some of the tweets brought joy to the actor.

“I’m gonna start crying again, because that’s absolutely beautiful,” Hanks said about one of the tweets. Since being posted, the video has been viewed over 8 million times. Once again, the ‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood’ actor has proven to be the nicest person on earth.

Via Huffington Post