Charmin Creates Massive ‘Forever Roll’ That Can Last Over A Month

The Giant Toilet Paper Roll Can Last Over A Month Has A 8.7 Inch Diameter

June 7, 2019


Running out of toilet paper is something almost any person fears. Luckily, Charmin is looking to make a roll of toilet paper last even longer. The company has released the “forever roll,” which is three times larger than the average roll.

Charmin is looking to help make a roll of toilet paper last longer. According to the company’s website, the new forever roll allows one to “go up to one month before changing your roll.” That’s nothing for Rob Reinerman, innovation director for P&G’s family-care business. Where he says a normal roll can last up to 18 days, “this will last two or three months.”

The giant roll of toilet paper was created by parent company, Procter & Gamble, after research found millennials are buying households with limited storage space, thus stashing many smaller rolls. The company found millennials, along with single seniors, would appreciate the long lasted toilet paper roll.

Of course, not everyone was on board, as some saw the level of mess a dog or child might create with the forever roll. The Forever Roll is currently in the testing phase. The roll when released will come in two sizes; 8.7 inch diameter for $5.49 and a 12 inch for $9.99.

Via Fox News