Tinder Made An Apocalyptic Choose Your Own Adventure Style Video Series To Match Users

Potentially Suitors Will Be Matched Based On Choices They Make For Video Series

September 18, 2019

Leon Neal / Staff

Dating in 2019 is not the same as it used to be. As dating apps continue to grow in popularity, and more keep popping up, dating has almost become exclusively an online venture. That’s why Tinder has decided start making original content for the app, which may help find one’s soulmate. The dating app announced they are releasing a choose your own adventure video series, and the choices one makes can potentially match them with a suitor.

Tinder has created a six episode, apocalyptic choose your own adventure style video series. The series will follow a group of characters facing the end of the world, but the viewer will be in control of what happens. However, since this is a dating app, one’s choices will also be used to match with similar users. This will give matches something similar to bond over, or at least a conversation starter.

For now, Tinder has stayed quiet about the project, as it is unknown how exactly the series will work, or when it will premiere. While some users have questioned the reasoning for this new dating app series, others are excited to see what it’s all about. The series will be directed by Karena Evans, and will include music videos. While there are still many questions to be answered, Tinder is hoping this brings a new element to the dating world.

Via The Verge