Thousands To Attend Revenge BBQ Outside Vegan Woman’s Home

The Woman Went Viral Recently After She Complained About The Smell Of Her Neighbor’s BBQ

September 10, 2019


Revenge is a dish best served as barbeque, or at least that’s the case for thousands of people who are planning to attend a BBQ in Australia. Cilla Carden, who lives in Perth, made news recently after taking her neighbor to court over the smell of fish cooking on the grill. Now, after her story went viral, thousands have joined a Facebook group called “Community BBQ for Cilla Carden” and plan to attend a BBQ outside the woman’s home.

Cilla Carden first brought up her grievance against her neighbor in 2018. She first complained the smell of her neighbor’s barbeque was preventing her from going outside her home. Then when the neighbor complied, Carden complained of cigarette smoke trailing into her yard, and said she couldn’t stand the sound of children playing basketball near her home.

After Carden took her case to the Australia Supreme Court, the internet decided to have the back of her neighbor. There is now a Facebook group with intentions of throwing a BBQ outside Carden’s home on October 19th. Already, 6,000 have joined the group, and 14,000 have said they are interested. While the page reiterates this is a peaceful protest, the group plans to prevent Carden from destroying “a good old Aussie tradition.”

Via Fox 4 News