Think Texas Has A Mosquito Problem? The World's Largest Was Just Discovered In China!

April 26, 2018
Mosquito, Bug, Skin

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Y'all, we're Texans.  We know a thing or two about mosquitos.

It seems we have to fight off those little buggers any time of year, and if you've spent any significant amount of time in the Lone Star State, you're probably used to it.  We don't think there's ANY way however we could get used to the kind of mosquitos they're fighting in China.

The world's largest mosquito was just discovered in the Qincheng Mountain, within the Sichuan province, with a wingspan measuring an impressive 4 inches.  These thing is a behemoth.  It's body is nearly two inches long, and is TEN times larger than your average skeeter.  

If we can take any solace from this discovery, it's that apparently, this giants do not drink blood.  Zhao Li discovered the mosquitos, and he told the South China Morning Post, "These mosquitoes look horrendous, but do not feed on blood.  The adults have a life span of only a few days and mainly feed on nectar.  There are tens of thousands of types of mosquitoes in the world.  Barely 100 species feed on blood and may be a problem for humans."

So we have to feel pretty good about that, right?  We'd still prefer if they don't make their way down here any time soon!

Via NY Post