Dallas Police Looking For Puppy Thieves Who Stole Dog From Firefighter's Backyard

October 10, 2018
Dog, Puppy, Bull Mastiff

Police are on the lookout for two individuals who stole a French Mastiff puppy from a Dallas firefighter’s backyard.

Surveillance video captured one of the male suspect’s reaching over the fence and snatching the 10-week-old puppy by the neck before lifting him and hauling him away.  The firefighter said, "It's my life outside the fire department.  I've always loved dogs.  Ever since I seen the movie, Turner and Hooch.  They told me that's just a mutt.  You'll never find one.  Flipped through a dog book 15 years ago and found them.  Did my research and got them.  Been in love with them ever since."

Luckily, the puppy is micropchipped, and has a noticeable fluff of white hair on his chest.  He is valued at $3,000.  

Those with any information are encouraged to contact the Mesquite Police Department.

Via Fox 4