These ‘Chip Fingers’ Clips Prevent Cheesy Fingers While Eating Cheetos

The Dreaded Cheetos Fingers Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

October 8, 2019


Cheetos are an addicting snack that is beloved by many, but they come with one major flaw. Known for being dangerously cheesy, those who indulge are plagued with the dreaded Cheetos fingers. Eating Cheetos causes fingers to become unusable, but now there is a product to finally prevent cheesy finger tips.

There’s no question the biggest issue with Cheetos is the dust it leaves behind on finger tips. While cleaning them, with a napkin or a moth, is an option, but a tedious one. Luckily, with “chip fingers” the clips that go over the finger tips prevent dust from sticking to hands.

This may be the perfect product, especially for those who choose to wipe their Cheetos fingers on clothing. Chip fingers can be purchased on Amazon. With these Cheetos fingers will soon be a thing of the past.