These Are The Most Hated Thanksgiving Dishes According To Survey

A New Survey Asked 2,000 Americans To Pick Their Least Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

November 11, 2019


Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays solely because of the ginormous delicious meal that is had to celebrate. While many look forward to turkey, mashed potatoes and pie every year, there are a number of items that most can do without. A new survey found the most disliked thanksgiving menu items, and while some may be surprised by the findings, the statistics show most will probably agree.

A new survey, done by The Harris Poll on behalf of Instacart, asked 2,000 Americans to pick their most hated Thanksgiving dish. What the study found was that canned cranberry sauce was by far the most disliked. 29 percent of participants disliked the controversial sauce, but that may be because 31 percent said they serve the gelatin in the shape of the can, instead of mashing it into something more desirable.

Next on the list were green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole at 24 percent and 22 percent, respectively. Some other strange results found by the survey were 21 percent of respondents said they secretly hate pie in general, but still eat it, and 68 percent said they would eat something they dislike “because of tradition. While most people find thanksgiving to be full of deliciousness, for some reason apparently many are just showing love out of respect for the holiday.

Via Fox 4 News