The Baby From ‘Labyrinth’ Now Works On The Netflix Reboot ‘Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance’

Toby Froud No Longer Works In Front Of The Camera, But Instead As A Puppet Designer For The Series

December 4, 2019

Stephen Shugerman / Stringer

When babies appear in movies, often they don’t pursue a career in film later in life, leading to fans wondering; where are they now? One iconic movie infant fans often wonder about is the baby from ‘Labyrinth.’ Luckily, Netflix is here to answer that question, and it may blow your mind.

Toby Froud, who played the iconic baby once stolen by David Bowie in ‘Labyrinth,’ is still in the industry, but no longer in front of the camera. Now, Froud is a design supervisor for a reboot of another 80’s classic; ‘Dark Crystal.’ According to the story, Froud’s father worked on the original ‘Dark Crystal,’ and now his son is doing the same on ‘Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance.’

Many fans were shocked to learn what the Labyrinth baby is up to now, but apparently his work with puppets is keeping him working. “We loved his work, we asked him to come to L.A. and work in the creature shop on the initial build of characters for the show,” said Lisa Henson, daughter of Jim Henson and producer of the Netflix reboot. While we may not be getting a ‘Labyrinth’ reboot, at least Froud is making his presence known for another Jim Henson 80’s classic.

Via Yahoo!