Texas Teen Earns Full Rides To All Top 20 Colleges He Applied To

April 4, 2018
College, Application, Student

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Michael Brown of Houston had always dreamed about attending Stanford.

You can imagine the absolute excitement then we he learned he was admitted early to the university, along with a full-ride scholarship.  His mother, Berthinia Rutledge-Brown, told People, "That’s all he ever wanted.  But after that, other acceptances he didn’t expect started to trickle in."

That's a good way to describe it.  They "trickled" in.  One by one, university after university, Michael learned he was accepted to all he applied for, and received a full ride (plus an additional $260,000 in additional scholarships) to each of them.  This is already an incredible feat, not even mentioning that Michael applied to the Top 20 schools in the country.  When Ivy Day rolled around, where a Ivy League schools release their admissions decisions, he received acceptances to each one as well.  Michael checked Harvard last because he wasn't sure he'd get in.  He did.

Michael has until May 1st to make the decision on which school he'll be attending in the fall.  Rutledge-Brown calls Michael her "rainbow baby," after she lost her first three children to miscarriages.  She said, "I wanted him so badly and made sure I could give him a good upbringing.  I was so excited about being a mom.  He wanted this.  He worked really hard for this and it’s a very humbling experience."

Via People