Texas Rangers To Hold Fan Vote For New Globe Life Field Recipes

Fans Will Be Able To Decide Between Three New Menu Items At The Ballpark

February 10, 2020


The debut of Globe Life Field is less than a month away, and while Texas Rangers’ fans are gearing up for the season, some are more interested in seeing what kind of food this new ballpark has to offer. Globe Life Park was known for their over the top food choices, and it seems the new stadium will do the same. The Rangers want to let fans get involved this time around, giving them the opportunity to vote for the stadium’s newest menu item.

Fans will have the choice between three new items to vote for; Brisket Egg Rolls, The Rangers Bomb and Steak Finger Relleno. While the brisket egg roll is self-explanatory, the Rangers bomb will include Smoky chopped brisket mixed with cream cheese, jack cheese and jalapenos — battered and deep fried. The Steak Finger Rellano will consist of Poblano pepper stuffed with a steak finger and jack cheese — battered and deep fried.

Regardless of the choice, the Texas Rangers clearly know their fans want just about anything to be fried. Voting will begin on Monday, and end Wednesday on the Rangers twitter page. If the team doesn’t succeed this year, at least fans know they will get some good food at the ballpark.