Texas Man Visits Every Buc-ee’s In The State On A Single Road Trip

April 11, 2019
Gas Station, Pumps, Night, Neon Lights, Service Station

(Photo by Getty Images)

The Impulsive Traveler Guy is a man who loves his Beaver Nuggets.

Last summer, the Texas man set out on a quest to visit every Buc-ee’s (at the time) in the state.  

He did it all in a single road trip, spread out over a couple of days. He made sure to document his entire journey, especially all the food he enjoyed along the way, which included a breakfast sandwich, a brisket sandwich, a snack cup, pickled quail eggs, trail mix, and plenty of beaver nuggets.


Feel like you’re up to the same challenge?  Since last summer, Buc-ee’s has added a couple more locations, including one in Alabama!  

All told, the Impulsive Traveler Guy’s trip crossed a total of 1,600 miles to visit all 33 locations.

Via ImpulsiveTravelerGuy.com