Texas Listed As The Worst State, Dallas The Second Worst City, For "Hostile" Vehicle Towing

March 28, 2018
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Our blood pressure is rising a little just by reading this.

Getting your car towed is one of THE most annoying experiences you can go through.  The tow companies are usually pretty smug and no help and at all, and it's not like you can get by without your car for a while!  You need it!  Which is why it pains us that a recent survey conducted by the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) found that Texas is the absolute worst state in the country when it comes to getting your car towed, and Dallas is the second worst city in the country, only behind Houston.  

Top 5 Worst States

1. Texas

2. Illinois

3. California

4. Pennsylvania

5. New York

Top 5 Worst Cities

1. Houston

2. Dallas

3. Chicago

4. New York

5. Los Angeles

PCI said in their release of their findings "‘creative’ billing practices such as levying fees and charges simply to increase the bill and establishing high daily storage rates were the worst problems consumers and insurers face when dealing with towing companies."  Robert Passmore, PCI assistant vice president, said in the release, "When a shady towing company gets a vehicle on its hook, the owner and insurer may be facing staggering bills and confusing rules to reclaim the vehicle."

Well we certainly know that ALL too well.

The flat fee in Dallas for the "private property, light duty, non-consent towing fee" is around $121, though when the company adds its own charges, including all sorts of "storage fees" you can sometimes expect to pay upwards of $165.  Though PLENTY of areas in North Texas charge $250 for the "private property, light duty, non-consent towing fee," which is the maximum amount allowed by State Law.  But with the extra charges and what not, you can sometimes expect to pay up to $300 for getting your car towed.  

Seriously.  Getting your car towed is the worst.  Be on the lookout for any hidden or obscure signs, y'all!  That's how they get ya!