6-Year-Old Texas Girl With Terminal Cancer Gets Wish To Be Police Chief

Watch the emotional video of Abigail Rose Arias being sworn in.

February 9, 2019

With tears in his eyes, Police Chief Ray Garivey swore in his 6-year-old successor.

Abigail Rose Arias, who is looking to exact revenge on the terminal cancer she has been fighting, fulfilled her dream of becoming a police officer on Thursday afternoon at an official ceremony in Freeport, Texas (about an hour south of Houston).

Check out the video below (have your tissues ready):

After undergoing 80 rounds of chemotherapy, and being in remission for five months, the cancer has come back in both lungs.  She was first diagnosed two years ago.  Doctors aren't sure how much time Police Chief Arias has left.  Still, the little girl said, "I want to help the bad guys go away and I want to help this cancer go away in like, 5 seconds.”

Source: MSN News

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