“Good Boy Dog Beer” Is Texas-Brewed Beer For Your Dog

October 12, 2018
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Houston bar owners Megan and Steve Long were just trying to find a way to help their dog.

Rocky, a 9-year-old Rottweiler had digestive issues, so they began making broth for him using fresh and healthy ingredients.  Meagan said, "He was having allergic reactions, and his body was just kind of changing into an old man's, so we had to adjust to it.  We talked to our vet, and our vet said the best, easiest thing to do was to just start making his own food and treats."

So they did, and thinking there was some idea there, the Longs began making Rocky’s special treats for the bar.  What resulted is Houston’s next favorite puppy treat, beer for your dogs!

Good Boy Dog Beer, so far, comes in three flavors, IPA Lot in the Yard, Mailman Malt Licker, and Session Squirrel.  Just so we’re all clear, Good Boy Dog Beer is not alcoholic, carbonated, or really like beer at all.  They're primarily meat-based in fact, and are just a healthy snack for your pooch.

After the Longs made their first batch of 500 cans, they sold them to five bars in less than five days.  Now, Good Boy Dog Beer is available in 15 bars around the Houston area.  

Hopefully, we’ll see it in Dallas soon.  Our pooches are thirsty, too!

Via Vinepair