The Ten Most Annoying Habits Of DFW Drivers

August 22, 2018
Downtown, Dallas, Night, Traffic

It always seem the biggest safety concerns you'll face while out driving...are other drivers.  

We're certain that must be the case around the world, but we seem to grow a particular breed of drivers in North Texas.  Ones that would rather die than take the next exit and turn around because they missed theirs.  

WFAA asked what WE all thought were the most annoying habits of DFW drivers, and we finally have the final list.  After thousands of responses and thousands of memories, here are the Ten Most ANNOYING Habits of DFW Drivers!

10-Drivers NOT using the "Zipper Method."  

9-Drivers who disregard Yield signs

8-Living out personal "NASCAR fantasies"

7-Braking for no reason!


5-Drivers who have trouble merging

4-Horn honking

3-Driving slow in the Left Lane

2-Using their cellphone/texting while driving

And the Number 1 most annoying habit of DFW drivers is....

1-Drivers who don't use their turn signal!

Think of anything else that could be added to this list?  Let us know!