Teen Starts Petition For NFL To Officially Move The Date Of The Super Bowl To Saturday

The Petition On Change.org Already Has Over 15,000 Signatures

January 23, 2020

Every year, as the Super Bowl approaches, people begin to complain about the game taking place on a Sunday. With it being such a big event, many have a hard time waking up for work or school the next day. That’s why a 16-year-old has decided to do something about it, by starting a petition to change the Super Bowl to Saturday.

16-year-old Frankie Ruggeri was discussing next Sunday’s big game with his family, when he decided the game should be played on Saturday. Before they knew it, Ruggeri was off creating a petition on change.org. His petition has since gone viral, gaining over 10,000 signatures. “Why not have a kid say, 'How about the Super Bowl be on a Saturday?" said the high school junior.

While this is not the first time someone has tried to get the NFL to change the date of the Super Bowl, this attempt is getting more and more people behind it. “He has a lot of passion in his heart. When he gets on one thing, he really sticks with it," said Ruggeri’s father. It is unlikely the NFL changes the date, but the 16-year-old has a point in claiming more people will watch, the NFL will get more money and more people would travel to the game if it were on a Saturday. You can join the petition here.