Teen Invents Mobile Airbag That Deploys When You Drop Your Phone

June 28, 2018
Cell Phone, Cracked Screen

(Photo via Dreamstime)


If you've had a cell phone longer than a day, chances are you've dropped it.  

And the phones today aren't the unbreakable forces of the early 2000s.  They are FRAGILE.  And they break EASILY.  Which is why we are obsessing with this invention from engineering student Philip Frenzel.  He's created a mobile airbag that fits within a protective case, and deploys as soon as you drop your phone.  

It really is incredible.  

The case is outfitted with sensors that detects when your phone is dropped.  Metal springs shoot out of the case to cushion the fall, and you can easily push the springs back in for future use.  

Frenzel recently won Germany’s Mechatronics Prize for the "AD Case" (AD for Active Dumping).  He plans on creating a Kickstarter to fund further development of the product.

Via Highsnobiety