Teen Arrested After Breaking Into Home, Waking Up Owners For WiFi Password

July 26, 2018
Computer, Phone, WiFi, Internet

A teen in Palo Alto, California was recently arrested after breaking into a couple's home around midnight yesterday morning.

The 17-year-old was easily apprehended however.  Upon breaking into the home, he ventured into the sixty-year-old couple's bedroom, and asked for their WiFi password.  We're not really sure what the plan was there.  The victim was able to shove the suspect down the stairs and out of his home before calling the police.

And this doesn't sound like just another terrible prank, either, as the teen is also being connected with a bicycle theft that happened nearby earlier in the night.  

Police believe the teen made his way into the home by cutting a screen covering an open window in the side yard.  He is being charged with residential burglary, prowling, and providing false information to an officer.