Teacher Fired After Making Pancakes For Students During Standardized Testing

April 18, 2018
Pancakes, Syrup, Butter

(Photo via Dreamstime)


For many of Kyle Byler's students, those whole grain pancakes would be the only hot meal they'd receive that day.  

While his students were busy with standardized testing, the middle school Social Studies teacher took out an electric griddle and began cooking up some whole-grain pancakes, one for each student.  Unfortunately for Byler, assistant principal Marian Grill walked into the classroom at that time and apparently took great offense to Byler's actions.  

Within 24 hours of the great pancake incident, Byler was told he'd been fired for "causing a distraction."  The school board is expected to meet later today to confirm his firing.  Byler told LancasterOnline, "I don’t understand what I did wrong, to be honest with you.  There was no infraction whatsoever.  At no point was it any distraction for any of the students.  They worked their butts off."

Byler has been a teacher at Hand Middle School since 2013, and according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, no rule exists against preparing or serving food during state examinations.  Jason Malloy, president of the Lancaster Education Association, says his firing would be a “terrible injustice to his students.  For some, whole-grain pancakes may be the only hot meal they’ve gotten that day."

Via My Fox 8