Teacher Bans Phones During Midterms, So Student Brings A Record Player To Listen To Music

April 12, 2018
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(Photo via Dreamstime)


The school year is nearing its end, so there's no doubt students across the country are beginning to stress over midterm exams.  

This may not have been so back in the day, but nowadays it seems teachers are willing to let students listen to music during examinations.  With music being on smartphones, however, that makes it incredibly easy for cheaters to prosper.  Teacher Eric Sauercracker decided to cut cheaters off at the pass, and completely ban cell phones while students were taking their midterms, even if it was just for their music.  Apparently, one student just couldn't get through the exam without some tunes, so he dragged in a record player, complete with a collection of albums, in order to be able to listen to music during the test!

As for the choice in music?  The student was bumping Kanye West's The College Dropout, though he also brought along other Yeezy albums Late Registration and My Beautiful Dark Twistesd Fantasy, apparently much to Sauercracker's delight!  And as for the student?

Via Complex