Tattoo Artist’s Skin To Be Removed, Preserved, And Framed Upon Death

November 15, 2018
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Chris Wenzel shared had the sentiment that you would never burn or bury a Picasso, so why do the same with other works of art?  Notably, tattoos?

Wenzel worked as a tattoo artist, but unfortunately passed away late last month.  Before his death, he worked with the organization “Save My Ink Forever,” which through a three-month process surgically excises one’s skin from their own body in order to preserve it.  

Kyle Sherwood started the business with his father, and since Wenzel was almost completely covered in tattoos, he believes this will be his biggest job yet.  Sherwood told CTV Saskatoon, “Tattoos, you know, tell a story about a person.  And for someone to get something tattooed on them that they’re displaying for life, you know, means something to them… You wouldn't burn or bury a Picasso and that’s what some of these pieces are.”

Wenzel’s removed and preserved tattoos will be unveiled this spring during an expo, though where they will be displayed after that is unknown.  Wenzel’s wife Cheryl has tattoos done by her husband, and will have hers preserved upon her death as well.  She said, “I know one day I’ll be hanging right there with my husband.”

Via CTV News