‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Becomes First 80’s Music Video To Reach A Billion Views On YouTube

This Is The Second Music Video By GN’R To Get A Billion Views On YouTube

October 17, 2019

It’s not easy for a video to reach a million views on YouTube, but it can be done. However, reaching a billion views is nearly impossible. There aren’t many videos that have joined YouTube’s billion views club, but to accomplish that a video must be iconic. A few beloved music videos have made the list and now for the second time Guns N’ Roses has joined the exclusive club.

This week, Guns N’ Roses’ music video for their 1987 hit ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ became the first music video from the 80’s to reach a billion views on YouTube. Earlier this year the band’s video for ‘November Rain’ became the first video from the 90’s to join the exclusive club.

Breaking records is nothing new to Guns an’ roses, whose first album made history as the best-selling U.S. debut album ever, and are currently on a tour that has become the 4th most successful tour of all time. While they may currently hold the top music video spot in the billion view club, a few classic videos will soon join them. Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ video currently has over 900 million views and A-Ha’s video for ‘Take On Me’ has 943 million views. Still, GN’R has proven even in the age of the internet, their videos are beloved.

Via Yahoo!