Surveillance Footage Captures Man Getting Run Over By Deer In Parking Lot

The Man Was Leaving McDonalds When The Sprinting Deer Came Out Of Nowhere

January 31, 2020

Harry Collins

Spotting a deer in the woods is a beautiful sight to see, but when you see a deer charging towards you full speed, that beauty quickly turns into fear. A man in North Carolina has gone viral after surveillance footage captured the moment a deer came out of nowhere to run the man over. Luckily for the man he didn’t even see it coming, and it was over before he knew it.

Ken Worthy and his wife were leaving McDonalds after lunch, and heading to their car in the parking lot, when a wild deer stopped them in their tracks. As the video shows, the two didn’t notice the animal before it ran full speed into Worthy, knocking him on his back. “It was absolutely nuts. It was just a bit of brown, and then I saw his face, I was down on the ground -- that quick," said Ken Worthy.

Worthy was able to get the security footage from the McDonalds and posted the video to his Facebook page. The video has since been viewed over 80,000 times. Luckily for Worthy, he wasn’t injured by the deer, but it was definitely something he’ll never forget. However, all he really seemed to worry about during the crash was not spilling any of his Diet Coke.

Via Fox News