Study Finds Sharks Love Jazz, Hate Classical Music

May 11, 2018
Great White, Shark, Swimming, Ocean

(Photo via Dreamstime)

Sharks.  The ultimate predator.  The kings of the ocean.  And you might catch them at Jazz Fest this year, too.

Research published in Animal Cognition found that sharks routinely swam to areas to where jazz music was being played.  They were were taught to recognize jazz music as a signal for food, much in the same way that it has been thought they recognize the sound of a boat engine being associated with food.  They dug jazz, but when researches tried the same methods with classical music, it did NOT go as well.  The sharks found the music "confusing." 

Catarina Vila Pouca, who led the team of researchers, said in the report, "Sharks are generally underestimated when it comes to learning abilities – most people see them as mindless, instinctive animals.  However, they have really big brains and are obviously much smarter than we give them credit for."

Via The Guardian