Study Finds Eating Spicy Food Can Lead To Dementia

July 26, 2019
Red Pepper Flakes, Chilis, Wooden Table

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You might want to hold off on the peppers for a while.

A new study from a partnership between Quatar University and the University of South Australia has found that spicy foods can lead to a susceptibility of dementia.  Dr. Zumin Shi of Quatar University said, “Chili consumption was found to be beneficial for body weight and blood pressure in our previous studies.  However, in this study, we found adverse effects on cognition among older adults.”

Cognitive exams were performed on 4,500 people aged 55 and older regularly between 1991 and 2006.  Participants were asked to recall a 10-word list, count backwards from 20, and complete some basic subtraction equations.  The study found a more rapid cognitive decline, about double the average risk, in those who regularly consumed more than 50 grams of chili per day.  

The researchers also found that people with a slim to average body types may be more vulnerable to the cognitive decline associated with chili, though they don’t give any specific reasons why.

Via NY Post