Student Takes Cardboard Cutout Of Danny DeVito To Prom

May 16, 2018
Danny DeVito, Red Carpet, Suit, Smile

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

 Allison Closs was having a little trouble finding a date to prom.

The Pennsylvania high school student was running out of time, so rather than settle for some dweeb, she decided to aim for the stars.  It wasn't long before she found her date, a cardboard cutout of actor Danny DeVito.  She purchased the cutout for $100, along with a $20 scooter she used to move the cutout around.  

Closs admitted to WHTM-TV that she did receive some weird looks, but genereally she and Danny were the life of the party!

DeVito currently stars as Frank Reynolds on the FXX series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.