Powerful Storm Completely Wipes Remote Hawaiian Island Off The Map

October 25, 2018
Tropical, Beach, Island, Hawaii

An 11-acre island in the the northwestern islands of Hawaii is gone, thanks to a powerful hurricane in the Eastern Pacific.

Scientists confirmed through photographs that East Island was wiped away, after Hurricane Walaka hit the French Frigate Shoals, in the northwestern islands of Hawaii, earlier this month.  Chip Fletcher, a professor of earth sciences at the University of Hawaii, recalled, "I uttered a swear word.  I had a 'holy cow!' moment, somewhat in disbelief that it had disappeared.  The island was probably one to two thousand years old and we were only there in July, so for it to be lost right now is pretty bad luck.  The loss is a huge blow.  Little did we know it could disappear so quickly."

East Island was smaller in stature, only about half a mile long and 400 feet wide.  Though despite its size, it was incredibly important to Hawaii's ecosystem.  It was home to the critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal, green sea turtles, and various seabirds.

Via The Guardian