"Gigantic" Spider Spooks Texas Cop During Traffic Stop

October 19, 2018
Spider, Close Up, Wolf Spider

This poor Texas police officer didn't even see it coming.

During a routine traffic stop in Fulshear, near Houston, dashcam video captured a "gigantic" spider sneaking up on the unsuspecting police officer.  He lurches slowly.  Quietly.  It's creepy.

If you don't like spiders, watch the video anyway.

Turns out, this wasn't some sort of prank or special effect.  The spider just happened to crawl across the windshield at the perfect moment.  The little guy was still able to freak out an officer reviewing the footage!  Fulshear Police wrote on Facebook, "Who needs Hollywood special effects?  This little guy was positioned perfectly on the windshield of the patrol car and gave our clerk, who was reviewing the video, quite the 'Halloween scare.'"

Via NY Post