Kid Smuggles Sugar Packets From Restaurant Inside A Breadstick

August 24, 2018
Sugar Packets


Some kids really love sugar. So much so they’re willing to smuggle it. 

While on their way home from a family dinner, Peter Hartlaub noticed his son was acting a little odd in the back seat of the car. 

He was trying to eat packets of sugar. Hartlaub posted on Twitter that his son likes to take the sugar packets from restaurants and eat them in the car. Peter and his wife have even started to check their son’s pockets before they leave. 

What they never expected was for him to hollow out a breadstick and stuff five-sugar packets inside. Hartlaub believes one of their family members thought it was hilarious and was covering for his son. 

That kid really wanted his sugar. Check out the pictures below, it's quite impressive. 

Via: Yahoo Entertainment