Snoop Dogg Is A Master Sushi Roller, Credits Previous Experience Rolling Joints

October 18, 2018
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(Photo by Ron Elkman/USA TODAY NETWORK)


Snoop Dogg, believe it or not, has always maintained a level of skill in the kitchen.

At his first job at McDonald’s as a teen, Snoop said, "The supervisor would call me Young Eggs 'cause I could crack the eggshell with one hand."  Now 46, Snoop has decided to parlay that experience working in fast food into a brand new cookbook, From Cook To Cook: Platinum Recipes From That Boss Dogg's Kitchen.

Among the recipes for Caesar salads, omelets, and breakfast smoothies, aptly named "Tha Smoovie," Snoop also shares stories of his fondness for sushi.  He met famed sushi chef Masaharu Morimoto in 2015, who taught him the proper technique to roll sushi.  Apparently, Snoop was a quick learned, thanks to his past experience rolling…other things.  

Morimoto said of his experience teaching Snoop, "It was really fun.  He was really into rolling sushi.  And of course, he'd had a lot of practice rolling other things."  Snoop agreed.  He wrote in his book, "Rolling blunts and rolling sushi are indeed similar.  But you need more palm action to roll sushi as opposed to finger action to roll blunts."

From Cook To Cook: Platinum Recipes From That Boss Dogg's Kitchen is available now!

Via NY Post