Small European Island Wants To Ban The Concept Of Time

June 24, 2019
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The citizens of the small Norwegian island of Sommaroy don't experience time like the rest of us.

The sun doesn't rise and set for them regularly.  The island's 350 residents spend November to January in darkness, and they know when the sun rises on May 18th, it won't set again until July 26th.

The island's main source of income is tourism and fishing, so the residents have proposed a radical new idea: abolish the concept of time.  Kjell Ove Hveding, the leader of the campaign, told Norwegian public broadcaster NRK, "All over the world, people are characterised by stress and depression.  In many cases this can be linked to the feeling of being trapped by the clock. We will be a time-free zone where everyone can live their lives to the fullest … Our goal is to provide full flexibility, 24/7.  If you want to cut the lawn at 4am, then you can do it."

The island's campaign is calling to abolish "formal opening hours," and allow its residents to "do what we want, when we want," though children will still be required to attend school.

Visitors to the island have already embraced the new concept, abandoning their watches and attaching them to a bridge leading to the island.  A few residents aren't convinced, however.  Malin Nordheim, a receptionist at the Sommaroy Arctic hotel, said, "I can foresee challenges with some guests when it comes to checking in and checking out, and the opening hours of the bar and restaurant.  I’m a little sceptical."

Via The Guardian