Slash Confirms Guns N' Roses "Already Working On Stuff" For New Album

June 3, 2019

It's been a steady flow of "will they, won't they" for Gun N' Roses.

We've heard rumblings that they are planning a new album, only to hear a short while later those rumblings were all hearsay.  Well, it seems that we finally have some form of confirmation on new material from the band, from none other than Slash himself.

In a new interview, Slash revealed the band is already "working on new stuff" for an album, and plans on hitting the recording studio as soon as they wrap up upcoming tour dates in the fall.  Slash said, "After those Guns dates we'll be working on the record.  When we finish the tour in the fall then we will commit on working on the next Guns record."

Initially, Slash was rather quiet regarding questions about a new album, but he finally relented and revealed the news.  "So I just wanted to be honest about it, and so there was really no telling what we were gonna do at that point.  But at this point, I do know that we are gonna do this run [of shows in the fall], and we've already started working on stuff. So, there you go."

This will be the band's first new album in more than a quarter century.  

Via Billboard