"Whitney Houston Could Never Give Me Exactly What I Wanted, It Was Many Times Better," - David Foster.

On this week's episode of The JT & Billy Kidd Podcast

November 20, 2019

Jemal Countess / Stringer

David Foster, one of the most prolific hit-makers in modern music history phones in for a chat with JT & Billy Kidd on this week's podcast.

David Foster’s credits include #1 hits like John Parr’s St. Elmo’s Fire and Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You. 

Foster’s absurd list of artists he’s worked with also includes Christina Aguilera, Michael Buble, Chicago, Kenny Loggins, Barbara Striesand, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Shelton and many more.  

"There were certainly singers that wouldn't give me exactly what I wanted but it turned out to be many times better and Whitney Houston is prime example of that," says David.

David also has enough notes in his personal life to warrant an encyclopedia. 

Foster is married to American Idol alum Katharine Mcphee who is half his age and has been stepfather to both the Jenner brothers and Hadid sisters.

An Intimate Evening With David Foster begins airing on PBS November 30th and the accompanying tour hits DFW’s Majestic Theatre on May 14th.

Listen to the entire interview in our podcast below: