Dispute About Free Cheese Sample Leads To Senior Citizens Fighting At Costco

August 3, 2018
Costco, Storefront

(Photo by mvw) 2004


A 70-year-old man was waiting in line for a free piece of cheese at a Costco in Greenville, South Carolina when a 72-year-old stranger "cut in line, took some cheese and walked off."

And of course, as one is want to do, as soon as you're done with one free sample, you walk immediately to the next line over to grab another.  Which is exactly what the 70-year-old did.  He was waiting in line for a free cheeseburger sample when he saw the 72-year-old approach.  He allegedly told him, according to the incident report that the man "could get in front of him because he knew he would just cut the line anyway."  The 72-year-old did not take too kindly to that.  He called the 70-year-old a "jerk," then wound up and clocked him on the side of his head, knocking off his hat and glasses.  

No arrests have been made in this incident of two old dudes fighting over free samples, as each have different versions of the encounter.  The 72-year-old left the store by the time police arrived, but did confirm he was involved in the altercation when police later contacted him.  He also claimed to be acting in self defense because he felt threatened by the younger old guy.

Police are hoping to review security footage from Costco to clarify exactly what happened, and we would also like to review that security footage, too.  

Via Fox News