[Video] Selfie Ends In Disaster As Tourist Falls In Water While Taking Picture

The Recent Flooding In Venice Led To The Tourist’s Unexpected Fall

November 27, 2019


The recent flooding in Venice, Italy has been devastating, but at least there is one positive story that has come from it. Thanks to the high water levels, a new viral video shows a man attempting to take a selfie photo when he falls into the water. In the hilarious video, the man couldn’t see the ground and one step too far sent him on his way.

The hilarious video, which shows the man taking a deep plunge after one step too many, was originally posted on twitter and has since been viewed more than 5 million times, with over 62,000 retweets and 192,000 likes. While the recent flooding in Venice is no laughing matter, most can agree this video is too good to not be amused.

Reaction was mixed, as some thought maybe the video was staged, while others pointed out the potential health risks of falling in the flood water. Still, the majority just saw the video as funny, as many can only hope something like this happens when they see someone using a selfie stick. At least the man was able to save his phone as he plunged under water.

Via Fox News