[Video] Sean Penn Gave David Spade A Chris Farley Tribute Tattoo

Penn Gave Spade The Tattoo While On Spade's Show, ‘Lights Out’

September 20, 2019

Sipa USA

David Spade has officially gone above and beyond, not only for his new television show, but for his good friend Chris Farley as well. Spade surprised fans on Wednesday night’s episode of ‘Lights Out’ when he brought out his guest, Sean Penn, to give him a tattoo. Penn did the same for Spade 25 years ago at ‘Saturday Night Live,’ but this time around Spade wanted something to remember his friend Chris Farley by.

Sean Penn stopped by ‘Lights Out’ on Wednesday to promote his new book, ‘Bob Honey Sings Jimmy Crack Corn.’ The two got into stories from their career before Spade suggested getting a Chris Farley tattoo from Penn on the show. “There’s gonna be so much corrective work to do.” Penn said after joking he has a tattoo parlor called Sean’s Okay Tattoos.

The tattoo spade got to honor his old friend, Chris Farley, were his initials, C.F., on his arm. Though Spade winced through most of the tattoo, clearly it was worth it to honor his friend. Plus he now has a pretty awesome story, since Sean Penn is the one that gave him the tattoo.

Via Entertainment Weekly