Science Has Officially Proven Sleeping With Your Dog In Bed Is A Good Thing

A Recent Study Showed The Health Benefits Of Having A Dog Don’t Stop At Night

January 22, 2020


Anyone who has a dog knows the joy of cuddling up with your pet at bed time. While some may fear sharing a bed with a dog may lead to a lack of sleep, science has now confirmed its actually good for one’s health to do so. Getting sleep is definitely important, but having a dog by your side at night apparently has plenty of benefits other than cuddle time.

According to a study done by the American Kennel Club, 45% of dog owners allow their dog to sleep in the bed with them. With more than 60 million homes in the United States owning a dog, that’s a lot of nighttime dog cuddles. Luckily, science now claims that sleeping with your dog has plenty of benefits, mostly from three factors.

Research has shown dogs are beneficial in helping with anxiety, reducing stress and blood pressure and giving their owner a sense of security. Based on studies performed, this doesn’t change at night. A simple pet of the dog before bed, or just having a furry friend close by can help relieve all these factors in one’s life. It was also found that sleeping with a dog on average doesn’t affect the number of hours slept, so invite your dog into bed, and change the way you sleep.